Kabrita's Goat Milk-Based Infant Formula Certified as 'Clean Label'

The company says it its the first goat milk-based formula to receive the recognition.

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Kabrita, the leading global goat milk formula manufacturer, announced that the Clean Label Project (CLP), the national non-profit that recognizes brands that place an emphasized focus on purity and surpass the minimum regulations required by FDA, has awarded Kabrita Goat Milk-Based Infant Formula with its highest level of purity achievements including three certifications: First 1,000 Day Promise Certification, Pesticide Free and Purity Awards.

This marks Kabrita as the first and only goat milk-based infant formula to achieve these honors, and it joins the ranks of Kabrita's Goat Milk Toddler Formula which also received the same awards.

Earlier this year, Kabrita introduced the first and only goat milk-based infant formula in the United States to meet all FDA requirements. This milestone came after completing years of clinical testing to prove that Kabrita's infant formula is safe and that it provides complete nutrition for a baby's growth in the first year. Goat milk proteins are more similar to breast milk proteins than cow milk proteins, making it easier to digest. It also contains 5x more naturally occurring oligosaccharides than cow's milk, the third largest component of breast milk.

In order to secure CLP certifications, Kabrita Goat Milk-Based Infant Formula underwent significant safety testing. Each certification and award ensures that Kabrita has met standards based on CLP's industry benchmarks:

  • First 1,000 Days Promise Certification: A comprehensive review of a company's food safety programs and independent testing to ensure compliance with key elements of European baby food regulations, including heavy metals and plasticizers.
  • Purity Award: Requires independent testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and plasticizers, and benchmarking the test results against other similar products in the same category. It is reserved for products in the top 1/3 of the category.
  • Pesticide Free Award: Aims to satisfy consumers' desire to reduce exposure to commonly used pesticides in foods. Products undergo independent testing to verify they meet CLP's standards.

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