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Gerber Receives Clean Label Project Certifications for More than 50 Products

More than 80 of its products have now been certified β€” the most of any baby food brand.

Nestle Gerber office.
Nestle Gerber office.

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Gerber has now been awarded with the most Clean Label Project certifications of any baby food brand, including 51 newly certified foods this month. This achievement builds on Gerber's longstanding commitment to rigorous testing, quality checks, and high safety standards.

The Clean Label Project was founded to bring greater transparency in consumer product labelling, including information on heavy metals. Through category-specific benchmarking, Clean Label Project establishes superiority thresholds for purity, and certifies products whose results are in the top 33% of their category.

The Clean Label Project's First 1,000 Day Promise certification requires third party testing for process and packaging contaminants, chemical contaminants, and heavy metals to meet the non-profit's highest quality standards. Compliance requires randomized, unannounced sampling & testing.

The Clean Label Project Purity Award evaluates products for substances including chemicals of concern, industrial and environmental toxins, and contaminants that have the long-term potential to adversely affect health. The Clean Label Project Pesticide Free certification focuses on meeting consumers' desire to minimize exposure to commonly used pesticides in foods.

Clean Label Project uses benchmarked data to compare individual product test results to the test results of the best-selling products in the same product category. In the process, Clean Label Project reveals to brands how their ingredient supply chain and quality assurance systems fare compared to industry leaders and then shares with consumers what brands are taking the extra steps to minimize consumer exposure to known chemicals of concern.

Gerber has received the highest level of Clean Label Project certification - The First 1,000 Day Promise - for products in all its food categories, including cereals, purees, snacks and meals.

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