Agrifood Startup Fieldcraft Launches Plant-Based Ingredient Sourcing Platform

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AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 16, 2019 (PRNewswire) — Responding to the unique challenges of sourcing plant to product, Fieldcraft's online platform enables buyers to simplify discovery and connect directly with the right ingredient suppliers for their business, from farms to ingredient manufacturers and technology companies. Buyers on Fieldcraft range from emerging brands to some of the largest global food companies. The Austin-based startup aims to open up more possibilities for buyers who are moving beyond traditional ingredient sourcing.

"Consumers are demanding better choices, companies are looking for opportunities to differentiate and farmers are trying to diversify," Fieldcraft CEO Michael Chapman said. "We're harnessing the power of data to unlock better connections." There are now over 7,000 ingredients offered by suppliers on Fieldcraft, and over 800 searches a month for ingredients from whole grains to specialty flours and plant proteins, to fruit purees and spice extracts.

The platform helps buyers discover more in less time and with greater information. Buyers search ingredients, review detailed supplier and product profiles and connect directly with the decision maker. The search engine enables buyers to quickly filter by ingredient name or type, form or use, certifications, supplier capabilities and more.

Suppliers stay in control of all customer interactions and sales. The platform helps suppliers meet rising expectations from buyers and build new partnerships based on better data and real-time inquiries. Suppliers can generate new business in less time than traditional sales and with reduced marketing costs.

Suppliers can also buy crops from other suppliers for further processing, and may post specialty production contracts for farmers.

Clean label, plant-based ingredients have experienced remarkable growth based on consumer demand for better health, taste, sustainability, ethics and transparency. Chapman said Fieldcraft was "built for innovators to find solutions from over 30,000 species of plants, and to help make different possible."

About Fieldcraft

Fieldcraft is the agrifood platform streamlining discovery and sourcing of all plant and plant-derived ingredients. The platform is available for businesses in the United States and Canada. Suppliers on Fieldcraft include farms, cooperatives, importers, millers, processors and ingredient manufacturers and technology companies. Buyers include brands, manufacturers, bakers, brewers, distillers, foodservice, distributors and private label retail. For more information contact the team at To experience the online platform visit

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