Editor’s Pick: Proprietary Flavored Agave for F&B

Come Alive Organics (Santa Ana, CA) provides turn-key contract packaging solutions, utilizing 30+ years of experience in the food and beverage industry. From packaging procurement to market launch, the company excels at first understanding its customers’ challenges and articulating a cost-effective, timely solution for market success.

 Besides its private label solutions, the company also owns the brand Soviia Agave, which is sold online and through premium retailers. Soviia Agave has developed delicious tasting naturally flavored organic agave including Pumpkin Spice agave, Chocolate agave, Coconut agave, Peppermint agave, Vanilla agave and Maple agave. These exclusive flavors not only taste great, but provide a healthier alternative to sweeteners. As part of the company’s mission, it also supports orphans globally by donating 5% of its net income to established non-profit organizations every month.

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www.soviia.com; 714-955-5207