Organic Delivery Service Focuses on Truck, Bus Drivers

A new partnership will allow trade association members access to CDL Meal's seasonal menus and free nationwide delivery.

Steak Meal In Truck

CDL Meals, the division of Fresh n’ Lean focusing on healthful meal options for professional truck and bus drivers, has announced a partnership with the American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO). CDL Meals offers a variety of organic ,chef-prepared meals meant to help drivers make healthier eating choices while on the road. AAOO is considered the leading association for independent truck drivers and operators. 

“We could not be more excited to launch our first healthy-eating alliance with AAOO,” said Bob Perry, director of CDL Meals. “We believe that people working in all industries deserve to live a healthy lifestyle and have access to the tools they need to ensure overall well-being, despite industry standards and limitations. 

The American Association of Owner Operators is a nationwide organization dedicated to providing professional truckers and small fleet owners with the latest technology, benefits, and assistance to advance in today’s trucking industry. Through this partnership, members of the AAOO will have access to CDL’s seasonal menus and free nationwide delivery.

CDL Meals is a service formulated especially for commercially licensed drivers to deliver chef-prepared food items anywhere within the U.S. using organic ingredients. Each menu option consists of a combination of protein, healthy carbohydrates, and vegetables. All meals are delivered fresh and can be refrigerated for up to seven days. The vacuum-sealed trays can be heated quickly and enjoyed at any time. 

Along with the meals, each purchase comes with a 14-page driver wellness education booklet that includes dietary tips, an exercise plan, and suggestions to improve overall health through simple lifestyle changes.