USDA Issues First Blockchain Certification

BeefChain hopes to provide clarity for the beef market through digital identity and traceability of cattle from the field to the processing facility.


Last week Forbes reported on BeefChain, a company offering blockchain applications for the beef supply chain. It recently became the first blockchain company to receive certification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a Process Verified Program. The Process Verified Program (PVP) certification allows BeefChain to audit different feed yards and ranches in four specific programs, providing greater visibility and traceability of beef sources.

Two of its current programs include verifying the source and age of beef cattle, as well as making sure the animals are not treated with hormones.

  • BeefChain Natural is for ensuring beef is sourced from grass-fed cattle with no antibiotics or hormones, tracking the first six months of a calf's life to ensure it has only been fed natural forage or feed.
  • Wyoming Plus relates to source and age verification, using GPS coordinates to track the animals back to their original calving pastures. This allows for differentiating between open pasture-raised cattle and other conditions.

BeefChain hopes to provide clarity to the beef market through digital identity and traceability of cattle. It could also help validate the added value and costs associated with specific standards for raising cattle. At its core, the blockchain-based offerings help certify how cattle were raised and then tracks it throughout the supply chain. This allows buyers, sellers and consumers to see and understand key production factors, including when and where the cattle are processed.