Shutdown Inspires Free Pizza

A San Diego-based pizza maker is showing its support for TSA workers.

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(PRNewswire)  TSA agents may not get a paycheck for making sure it is safe for passengers to fly during the government shutdown, but Friday they received a free lunch. San Diego-based Pizza NOVA served up pizza, sandwiches and salads for dozens of TSA agents at San Diego's International Airport. 

Pizza Nova's owners say they were touched by the stories of federal workers trying to make ends meet without getting a paycheck and decided to do whatever they could to show their support. So the Pizza Nova team members say they are doing what they do best and they're serving up some comfort food.

"All our hearts go out to these people who are not getting paid but still have to work to keep their jobs. We're sure they are dedicated agents who do it for the good of our country, so we're giving a little something back to them," says Pizza Nova's Owners. The Pizza Nova team challenges other businesses in the community to pay it forward and do whatever they can to make the lives of federal workers a little easier while they work without being paid. 

Pizza Nova has been serving up wood-fired pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and salads since 1990.