Ag Leaders Say Soy Milk Isn't Milk

Plant-based drinks could lose 'milk' label.

Milk Definition

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Some North Carolina agriculture leaders say drinks made from soy and almonds aren't truly "milk" coming from lactating animals and should be marketed on the state's store shelves as something else.

The General Assembly's annual farm bill unveiled Tuesday in a Senate committee would direct the state to develop a plan to enforce federal and state standards and by January prohibit sales of plant-based drinks mislabeled as milk.

WRAL-TV reports Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler told senators most of the world's countries ban the milk label for plant-derived drinks, saying it otherwise confuses consumers. Troxler said the provision could also help state dairy farmers who are struggling financially.

The bill contains several other agriculture-related items. Two committees approved the measure Tuesday. It must go through others before reaching the Senate floor.