Sanitary Tunnel for Shrink Banding Food Trays


PDC International (Norwalk, CT) offers their KRC 18-46-144 Shrink Tunnel for shrinking tamper-evident seals to secure the lids onto clear tubs and trays. Additional features include:

  • An extra wide opening dimension of 14” to accommodate trays and tubs up to 12" wide.
  • A top electrical box housing the digital temperature controller, which is elevated by 3” to allow for easy cleaning beneath it.
  • Controls housed in an upgraded NEMA-rated stainless steel electrical enclosure that is UL-approved. The electrical boxes are also sloped so no food waste can rest on them.
  • The base framework on the tunnel stand features square tubing angled at 45 degrees so no food or waste can rest on it.
  • Variable speed controls on the blower fan.
  • Motorized height adjustments to meet conveyors.