Pin Oven Chains Offer Flexibility for Beverages

Its precision roller chains are wear-resistant and treated with a PWIS-free, non-drip lubricant approved for use with food.


iwis (Indianapolis, IN) offers their line of pin oven chains (POC) with features and benefits that include:

  • The precision roller chains are wear-resistant and treated with special lubricant before leaving the factory that is PWIS-free, non-drip, suitable for high temperatures and approved for use in the food industry. 
  • Transport pins can be replaced without breaking the chain or removing it from the machine.
  • Three different fixture possibilities; pins are integrated in the outer chain plates, secured with special nuts, or fixed with split-pins.
  • Users can also choose between flexible or snap-off pins. The flexible pin can be bent back to its original position by hand. The advantage of the snap-off pin is that it will break off in the event of accidental contact with an obstacle during operation.
  • Made from high-quality PEEK that is heatproofed up to at least 260 degrees Celsius.