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MasoSine pumps are ideal for deli salad manufacturers seeking to optimize pumping operations, increase speed, and improve efficiency.


MasoSine pumps are ideal for deli salad manufacturers seeking to optimize pumping operations, increase speed, and improve efficiency. A perfect choice for handling the delicate ingredients used in deli salads, MasoSine pumps produce powerful suction (up to 0.85 bar), but with low shear and gentle transfer capabilities. MasoSine pumps offer greatly improved performance, lower energy use, and reduced costs compared to other positive displacement pumps. Variable flow rate capabilities means MasoSine pumps can be adjusted to suit specific production requirements.

The MasoSine’s innovative, simple design includes an exclusive single shaft and sinusoidal rotor, which means there is no need for complex timing gears and multiple seals found on conventional rotary lobe pumps.

The smooth, undulating contour of the unique MasoSine pump rotor transfers deli salad blends through the pump without product compression, thus maintaining the product’s integrity, viscosity profile, texture, color, and value – even at high flows. The single rotor design maintains constant volumetric displacement throughout the pumping cycle, providing a smooth and consistent flow profile, without the pulsation spikes associated typically with rotary pumps.

The large pumping chambers and the sinusoidal rotor’s gentle wave action means the MasoSine pump preserves and maintains the integrity of such solids as chicken, egg, and tuna, as well as diced vegetables, fruit, nuts, coleslaw, and bases like mayonnaise and dressings. MasoSine pumps can cope with viscosities varying by up to 8 million centipoise, ensuring there is no impact on end product integrity and visual appeal.

The MasoSine pump uses up to 50 percent less energy for the same flow than other pump types when handling viscous products. Noise levels are reduced dramatically; the pumps’ superior suction means that noise from cavitation is virtually eliminated.

MasoSine pumps are designed to be fully maintainable in the field without the need for skilled labor. What’s more, parts are fully interchangeable, and overhauls can be performed inline within minutes, bringing the pump back to ‘as new’ condition. With 3A certification, MasoSine pumps provide full CIP (clean-in-place) ability and are also compatible with strip-clean regimes.

MasoSine Process Pumps www.watson-marlow.com/us-en/range/masosine/

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