Roasted Peppers Company Acquired by Former Executive

Alan Mancini becomes president and CEO of Mancini Foods LLC.


ZOLFO SPRINGS, Fla. – A full century after beginning operations in 1922, Mancini Foods — the leading manufacturer of roasted peppers in the U.S. — has been acquired in its entirety by family member Alan Mancini and his wife, Debbi Mancini.

The new company will be called Mancini Foods LLC. 

Third-generation family member Alan Mancini, who assumes the title of president and CEO of Mancini Foods LLC, effective immediately, was past president of the company, having worked at Mancini Packing from 1996 to 2008. The new company has been recapitalized and an experienced management team with extensive knowledge of the food industry and other related businesses has already been assembled.  

Purchase terms for the acquisition of the privately held Mancini Foods were not disclosed. 

Committed to ensuring that Mancini Foods’ second hundred years are every bit as successful as its first, Alan and Debbi Mancini are poised to implement a multi-faceted corporate expansion in 2023 and beyond that drives the company to a new level of 21st century prominence and profitability while never losing sight of the proudly traditional old-world values that defined the company in the 20th century. 

Among Mancini Foods’ priorities over the next 12 months and beyond: 

  • Expanding Mancini Foods’ distribution among traditional and Italian specialty retailers
  • Working with the company’s valued supermarket partners to promote the Mancini Foods brand
  • Growing the company’s roster of foodservice clients
  • Developing important new strategic relationships with co-packers
  • Bolstering Mancini Foods’ private label alliances
  • Introducing new and exciting Italian specialty food items to the marketplace (a key priority given the popularity of Mancini Foods’ Fire Roasted Red Peppers and other specialty products)
  • Reinforcing Mancini Foods’ brand identity as an authentically wholesome, premium-quality and family-centric Italian brand among the widest possible spectrum of consumers 
  • Highlighting the superiority of Mancini Foods’ products among professional chefs and restaurant owners
  • Educating members of the public about the mouthwatering appeal and culinary versatility of authentic Italian dishes featuring Mancini Foods products
  • Bolstering the company’s manufacturing capabilities 

“We’re truly honored to take the helm of this cherished brand as it begins a new century of excellence and innovation," Alan Mancini said. "While we remain forever mindful of our distinguished past, our focus is on leading Mancini Foods into a bright and prosperous future and we look forward to implementing many bold new changes and introducing many exciting new products over the months and years ahead.” 

In 1904, 20 year-old Antonio Mancini arrived in America from his native Italy. Several years later, after marrying a girl named Margherita who hailed from his Italian hometown, Antonio began roasting sweet red bell peppers, an Italian delicacy he remembered from his childhood. Soon after, his Mancini Sweet Roasted Peppers, “Pepperoni Dolce Arrostiti,” became a favorite among friends and neighbors, eventually prompting Antonio to explore making his peppers commercially.   

In 1922, The Mancini Packing Company was born and with hard work and increasing public demand, the company was soon thriving. Eighteen years later, Antonio and Margherita’s 21 year-old son, Joseph, ventured to Florida in search of a site for a new factory – a logical move given the state’s longer growing season. The family ultimately found the perfect location in Zolfo Springs, Florida, and Mancini Foods is still based there a full hundred years later. 

Over the decades, Mancini Foods evolved into the first successful, large scale commercial bell pepper roaster in the world and is now the leader in the roasted peppers category in the U.S. 

Today, the company continues to enhance dishes and please palates with a growing family of products including not only their legendary Roasted Peppers, but Fried Peppers, Fried Onions, Long Hot Cayenne Peppers and Hot Sauce, as well.

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