Bambinos Baby Food Opens Manufacturing Facility In Anchorage

The facility employs 200 people, including the company's fishermen and farmers.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Sept. 5, 2017 (PRNewswire) — Bambinos Baby Food, a revolutionary company providing clinically tested all kosher and organic meals with no preservatives or additives, opens its brand-new manufacturing facility in Anchorage, Alaska. The 3,000-square-foot facility employs 200 people, including the company's fishermen and farmers.

"Bambinos is about nurturing from the very beginning and all the way through life, with healthy, natural, and delicious food," says Zoi Maroudas, founder and CEO of Bambinos Baby Food. "Families that visit the manufacturing facility will have the chance to watch production process through a designated glass viewing platform."

Bambinos Baby Food is known for its peanut allergy prevention cookie. The Peanut Mani cookie, has the exact daily amount of natural peanut protein to help desensitize infants from ever developing the peanut allergy and has the success rate of 85 percent.

Maroudas also says, "We are not just another manufacturing company, we are a significant extension of every family."

Bambinos is the first baby food company to offer a national subscription service and deliveries to all 50 states. Bambinos prides themselves on their broad offerings covering different nutritional needs, from gluten free to vegan, vegetarian, combo and pescatarian.

About Bambinos Baby Food

Bambinos Baby Food is an all-natural, nutrition-based company that strives in providing the best foods for your baby. Products are meals and cookies handcrafted in Alaska with fresh ingredients. Bambinos is the first company to open its doors to full transparency of manufacturing process of the healthiest and most convenient baby food on the market. Learn more about Bambinos Baby Food at

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