Infographic: The Pros and Cons of Various Food Processing Technologies

Food manufacturers are combatting increased demands and concerns about food safety with innovative tools to meet high standards. See some of the latest here.


How do you typically go grocery shopping? Do you plan meals in advance, write a list and stick to that list at the store? Do you look for items that are on sale in order to get the best value and then plan a menu around those? Perhaps you simply wander the aisles in search of inspiration.

Whether you are a meat-and-potatoes lover, a vegetarian or a gourmand, you want food that not only tastes good but is safe to eat as well. In fact, the quality of consumables is a concern for nearly everyone, especially as the number of food recalls has increased in the past years. While some recalls may be out of an abundance of caution, today’s consumers expect more from the food we buy.

Food manufacturers are responding to these demands, especially amidst the concerns about food safety and the risks of foodborne illnesses. Many are using innovative tools to meet high standards of safety, quality and preservation methods. These technologies include high-pressure processing, ultrasound equipment, pulsed electric fields, ultraviolet light and irradiation with ionizing radiation. These machines can kill pathogens and help extend shelf life without using chemicals or additives. For more details about these methods, check out the accompanying resource:

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