Security Breach: AI - Use It or Lose

Evaluating the tools and technology needed to create and defend your data fortress.

A couple of recent ransomware attacks offer perspective on evolving cybersecurity concerns within the industrial sector.

Gentex is a Michigan-based manufacturer of electronic safety systems for the automotive sector. They were attacked by a ransomware gang called Dunghill, which is believed to be a rebranded version of the Dark Angels ransomware gang that had historically targeted the gaming and consumer electronics industry.

In early May, global industrial component and infrastructure systems manufacturer ABB confirmed that it had also been the victim of a ransomware attack. The group Black Basta reportedly hit the company’s Windows Active Directory, disrupting hundreds of devices.

The takeaways from these attacks are that ransomware groups continue to evolve, and in doing so are looking to hit new and more lucrative markets. The industrial sector, as you all know, certainly checks this box.

These are dynamics that our guest for today’s episode, Erik Alfonso Nilsen, Chief Technology Strategist at Flexxon, knows all too well.

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