Danone Unveils New 'Mix-in' Yogurt Lineup

The "Remix" collection spans its Light + Fit, Oikos and Too Good & Co. brands.

Danone Remix
Danone North America

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., and BROOMFIELD, Colo. β€” Americans are snacking more than ever, with a whopping 90% reporting they snack one to three times a day. At the same time, nearly half say they're actively trying to eat healthy.

Danone North America is responding to these growing consumer trends and disrupting the yogurt aisle with "Remix" – a wide variety of yogurts and dairy snacks with bold mix-ins to satisfy snacking cravings earlier or later in the day. Consumers can feel great about choosing a Remix snack with knockout taste, epic mix-in toppings and – depending on the brand -- high protein, less fat, or lower sugar options.

Danone's new Remix collection spans three of its most beloved brands: Light + Fit, Oikos, and Too Good & Co. As one of the largest yogurt manufacturers in the world, Danone is on a mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible. The company's Remix line delivers in a way that is fun and exciting for consumers, especially as snacking habits evolve. Danone's world-class team of Research & Innovation experts and Nutrition Science experts looked at over 100 ingredients resulting in 50+ different flavor options before landing on its final drool-worthy combinations.

The Oikos REMIX, Light + Fit REMIX, and Too Good & Co. REMIX products give consumers portable snacking solutions that are delicious and convenient. 

"It's no secret that snacking is increasing for busy Americans, and we've taken notice," said Rafael Acevedo, president/GM at Danone North America. "We want snacking to feel anything but routine, and at Danone we are positioned to give consumers yogurt options that work for them on all fronts – for their tastebuds, their nutrition goals and their schedules. That's why we created Oikos, Light & Fit and Too Good REMIX, to shake up the mix-in space with options that not only have compelling nutritional profiles, but that taste insanely good, too. All nine varieties and topping combinations are fantastic, but my personal favorite is Too Good - Banana Dark Chocolate Honey."

Made to fit perfectly into the palm of one hand, Remix features an innovative, patent-pending packaging design with a new recyclable cup shape making it easy to elevate your snack game on the go or at home, morning, noon or night. Whether you're grabbing an Oikos REMIX snack post-workout, savoring a Too Good & Co. REMIX snack to combat that mid-afternoon craving or satisfying a late-night sweet tooth with a Light + Fit REMIX snack, there's one for every snacking occasion.

Oikos REMIX has the protein you want and the bold taste you crave so you can take your next snack to the next level. With 11g of complete protein in every 4.5 oz cup (making it an excellent source of protein), you can rest easy knowing you're snacking strong with every spoonful. Oikos REMIX is available in three epic varieties, including:

  • Oikos REMIX Coco Almond Chocolate, featuring coconut nonfat yogurt with honey praline almonds and dark chocolate mix-ins
  • Oikos REMIX S'mores, featuring vanilla nonfat yogurt with graham cookies, dark chocolate and toasted marshmallow bark mix-ins
  • Oikos REMIX Salted Caramel, featuring salted caramel nonfat yogurt with sea salt praline pretzels, dark chocolate and butter toffee mix-ins

Too Good & Co. REMIX is just the thing to reach for when you're craving a little treat that goes easy on the sweet. With 6g of sugar in every 4.5 oz cup, you get all the mix-in goodness with less sugar3 for a snack that brings a smile with every strum of your spoon. Too Good & Co. REMIX comes in three dreamy varieties, including:

  • Too Good & Co. REMIX Strawberry Dark Chocolate Almond, featuring a strawberry base with chia granola, roasted almonds and chocolate mix-ins
  • Too Good & Co. REMIX Banana Dark Chocolate Honey, featuring a banana base with roasted almonds, chocolate and honey-flavored crisp mix-ins
  • Too Good & Co. REMIX Blueberry Almond Oat Crisp, featuring a blueberry base with honey praline roasted almonds and cinnamon oat crisp mix-ins

Light + Fit REMIX packs full-on flavor into 120 calories or less for a snack you can feel good about having on repeat. Pairing deliciously decadent fat-free yogurt with mix-ins inspired by classic desserts, it's the everyday indulgence you deserve. Light + Fit REMIX is available in three mouthwatering varieties, including:

  • Light + Fit REMIX Strawberry Cheesecake, featuring strawberry cheesecake fat-free yogurt with graham cookies, caramel pearls and dark chocolate mix-ins
  • Light + Fit REMIX Key Lime, featuring key lime fat-free yogurt with graham cookies and white fudge chunk mix-ins
  • Light + Fit REMIX Brownie Sundae, featuring vanilla fat-free yogurt + brownie crumble, honey praline almonds and butter toffee mix-ins

The REMIX collection is available now at many retailers like Kroger, Albertsons, Wakefern, Hannaford, Stop and Shop, and Meijer stores. REMIX will be available at Target in April, and Publix starting in June. 

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