Blue Diamond Announces 1st Chocolate-Covered Product Line

The company says "Thin Dipped" products contain half the sugar of average chocolate-covered almonds.

Blue Diamond Almonds Thin Dipped Double Dark Front
Blue Diamond/PRNewswire

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Blue Diamond Growers is kicking off the spring season with a fresh new product line that is hitting the snack nuts aisle in May: Thin Dipped Almonds.

These delicious, better-for-you option of chocolate-dipped almonds will be available at Walmart in convenient, four-ounce bags.

"We are so excited to present our customers with yet another incredible innovation within Blue Diamond's iconic snack almond portfolio," said Raj Joshi, senior vice president of global consumer division, Blue Diamond Growers. "Whether you're a health nut or not, Thin Dipped Almonds offer a smart choice when it comes to sweet snacking. The thin layer of chocolate enhances the almond's natural crunch while allowing snackers to enjoy a delicious, sweet treat – without the guilt."

Thin Dipped Almonds come in two flavors: Double Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. Both products contain 50% less sugar than the average chocolate-covered almonds. One serving (about 19 almonds) has 170 calories and five grams of protein. Thin Dipped Almonds are free of cholesterol, high in Vitamin E, contain no artificial colors or flavors, and do not have a shiny wax or gloss finish.

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