Pulp Culture, The Every Co. Launch Protein-Boosted Hard Juice

BUILD combines Every's protein and Pulp's fermented juice.

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Pulp Culture/PRNewswire

LOS ANGELES — Pulp Culture on Wednesday announced an expansion of its category-defining lineup with the release of "BUILD," the world's first protein-boosted hard juice.

A super beverage developed with leading alternative protein player The EVERY Co., BUILD (SRP $16.99/4 pack) is the first release in the new hyper-functional Pulp Culture+ line, now nationally available online while supplies last, with brick and mortar retail roll-out to follow.

BUILD by Pulp Culture+ represents a breakthrough in functional beverages: a protein-boosted, Full Spectrum alcoholic beverage that actually tastes good. The unprecedented partnership behind this world's-first beverage celebrates the union of the time-honored art of fermentation with a next-gen spin: while Pulp Culture uses spontaneous fermentation to brew better alcoholic beverages, EVERY is fermenting real animal proteins without animals, leveraging flavor science and technology to make protein consumption more fun, accessible and delicious–with lower impact.

"BUILD is something that I've wished existed for years: highly bioavailable, nature-equivalent and quality animal protein — without the animal — in a wild-fermented, naturally alcoholic, zero-sugar probiotic beverage with botanical adaptogens," said Brendan Brazier, former Ironman triathlete and Pulp Culture co-founder. "We know people, especially fitness enthusiasts, want the positive outcomes of a better beverage that naturally contains alcohol — and it's finally here."

Until now, protein addition was beyond reach for Pulp Culture, which previously struggled to identify a protein that possessed the solubility, texture and neutral taste profile suitable for the brand's premium live-culture beverages. EVERY Protein's superior performance among leading soluble proteins finally unlocked this super beverage from Pulp Culture, which required zero masking agents, sugar or other unnecessary additives to create its first-to-market, protein-boosted hard juice.

In addition to its novel protein boost thanks to animal-free EVERY Protein, BUILD includes Pulp Culture's unique combination of functional superfoods, super fruits, super mushrooms and probiotics to deliver a premium functional beverage experience tailor-made for active lifestyles. Cordyceps are the powerhouse functional mushrooms in the beverage, and adaptogenic ashwagandha, pineapple, coconut and vanilla round out the ingredients. BUILD contains zero sugar and zero cholesterol, and more than 6 billion CFUs of naturally occurring probiotics.

Converging consumer trends point to growing interest in better-than-ever beverages, with functional, digestive and adaptogenic claims in beverages on the rise. Simultaneously, protein addition has skyrocketed as an area of interest in drinks, as consumers continue to ask more of their products, including around complementarity for active lifestyles. Enabling protein addition in BUILD – effectively unlocking this world's-first super beverage – EVERY Protein is made by precision fermentation, a technique driving today's most exciting alternative proteins and representing a market projected to reach USD 36.3 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 48.1% in terms of value.

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