Impossible Sausage Rolling Out to Retailers

It will be available later this month at Kroger, Safeway, Stop & Shop and Sprouts Farmers Market and many more retailers across the country.

Impossible Sausage Retail

REDWOOD CITY, CA — Impossible Foods announced Wednesday that Impossible Sausage Made From Plants is launching in retail stores for the first time in a ground sausage form. Available in two flavors — Savory and Spicy — Impossible Sausage will be rolling out in Kroger, Ralphs, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons, Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Hannaford, Giant Martin’s, Giant Food, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Heinen’s and many more retailers across the country.

Impossible Sausage was introduced as the company’s first all-new product since the blockbuster Impossible Burger debuted in 2016. Sausage went on the menu at the 30 Top American Diners as chosen by Yelp, and Jamba most recently followed with the rollout of the Impossible Handwich in April 2021. Impossible Sausage made its international debut in Asia when it rolled out at nearly 200 coffee shop locations in Hong Kong in September 2020. 

With 30% fewer calories, 47% less total fat, and 43% less saturated fat when cooked, compared to the leading pork ground sausage,* Impossible Foods is aiming to introduce a nutritious and more sustainable sausage product as compared to the leading pork ground sausage. In a home usage test of 136 consumers, 66% said Impossible Sausage tasted as good as or better than pork ground sausage. 

“At Impossible Foods, we’re intent upon delivering on what consumers demand from meat, but without the compromise inherent in the use of animals for food production,” said Impossible Foods’ President, Dennis Woodside. “With our latest Impossible Sausage product for retail, we’re doubling down in our efforts to reach every home cook looking to satiate their cravings for sausage. We are excited to see what consumers cook up.”

*1. The leading regular pork ground sausage contains 215 calories, 19 g of total fat, 7 g of saturated fat, 35mg cholesterol per 2oz (56g) cooked serving while Impossible Sausage contains 150 calories, 10 g of total fat, 4 g of saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol per 2oz (56g) cooked serving.

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