Kroger's Top Food Trends For Summer 2018

From global influences to bourbon infusions, here are the flavors customers will see this summer.

CINCINNATI, June 4, 2018 (PRNewswire) — Kroger announced this week its top predictions for food trends this summer, thoughtfully chosen by its Our Brands new product developers, chefs and innovators.

Kroger's Top 6 Trends for Summer 2018:

1. Better-for-you Snacking 
Consider the bar raised for on-the-go summer snacking between neighborhood barbecues and backyard soirees, during family road trips, and while poolside sipping this summer. From healthy snack bars to fun twists on seltzers to a new sparkling coconut water that is hydrating on its own, and quintessentially a summer playmate when used as a cocktail mixer.

2. Alcohol-infused Foods & Flavors 
Summer brings along the perfect season to imbibe new flavors from creative food makers. The rise in craft brewing has inspired unique flavor combinations, and the popular trend has also influenced culinary creations with spirits and wine. From wine-infused steak sauce to bourbon-infused cola, an abundance of booze-infused eats is ready for summer.  

3. Global Tastes 

Innovations abound with flavors from around the world celebrating America's global heritage. New flavors and products are brought to market every month from a growing legion of food producers around the world, including Korean inspired spices to African Peri Peri sauces. 

4. Go On and Get Nostalgic  

Think cherished memories of childhood favorites, now reinvented into new creations for grown-up enjoyment! From mac & cheese sauces and twists on pimento cheese to retro and creative ice cream flavors, and old school soda pop flavors to drink alone or to use to create creamy floats, there is something to appeal to the kid in all of us.  

5. No Waste Meals and Cocktails 

Now more than ever, American families are trying to minimize food waste. This level of consciousness can help to end our country's food-insecurity epidemic—1 in 8 Americans struggles with hunger, while 40 percent of the food produced in our country goes to waste every year. Consumers are seeking tips on how to reduce food waste like getting creative with leftovers, meal planning to buy only what you need, storing food properly to extend freshness, and repurposing ingredients for inventive dishes and cocktails. 

6. Flex that Flexitarian Lifestyle during the Sunny Season  

Flexitarian practices are on the rise, with some choosing to follow a mostly vegetarian lifestyle, but occasionally enjoying dairy, meat, fish or poultry. Today's dairy- and meat-free alternatives offer loads of flavor and enjoyment, so eaters don't lose out when they are making more flexible, better-for-you decisions.

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