Stand-Alone Controller

Stand-alone controller

The BDE40 Controller can be used with most 3-phase brushless Hall effect motors in a wide range of motion control applications and includes 4-quadrant functionality, convenient packaging and load resistor protection. The device's 4-quadrant design is suited for applications requiring not only standard forward and reverse motor control, but also closed-loop speed control for motor slowing and stopping. Typical applications include control for production conveyor belts, production robot trolley wheels, medical, food mixing machines, cutting and packaging machines, and other applications having 12V or 24V power supplies requiring powerful motors. The unit delivers up to 360 Watts power with 11 to 36 VDC, 10A nominal, and a maximum continuous current of 14A. Resistors provide protection against over-current, polarity inversion, and short circuiting.

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