John Deere Announces Major Product Launch at Commodity Classic

The new launches include an 830-horsepower tractor.

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John Deere

Today, John Deere continued its legacy of delivering high-quality, customer-focused solutions with one of its largest product launches in the company's 187-year history. At the Commodity Classic tradeshow in Houston, Texas, John Deere unveiled new cutting-edge equipment solutions for Model Year 2025, including:

  • Autonomy-ready high-horsepower 9RX series tractors, including an industry-leading 830 horsepower model;
  • C-Series air carts, providing new options for improved seeding-time productivity, quality, and accuracy;
  • Factory install of the AI-enabled See & Spray Premium weed sensing technology on Hagie STS sprayers; and
  • S7 Series combines, featuring new fuel-efficient engines, cutting edge automation features, and updated residue-handling, grain-handling, and loss-sensing systems.

"This is one of the largest product launches in our company's history, and it reflects John Deere's commitment to seeking input from our customers and delivering quality solutions that unlock new value for their operations," said Aaron Wetzel, Vice President of Production & Precision Agriculture Production Systems. "From new cab designs that improve operator comfort, to new engines that deliver higher power and greater fuel efficiency, and cutting-edge technologies that increase both productivity and sustainability, we've developed these solutions from the ground up to deliver the results and quality John Deere customers know and expect from their equipment."

"These products are the direct result of developing solutions in response to our customers' needs," said Cory Reed, President of the Worldwide Agriculture & Turf Division for Production & Precision Agriculture. "With the combination of these new products, our existing portfolio of equipment and technology solutions, and our world-class network of dealers, John Deere customers are well positioned to be among the most productive, profitable, and sustainable in the world."

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