Ice Cream Company to Expand New York Plant

A new production line will make ice cream-based products as well as sorbet, yogurt and non-dairy varieties.

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Empire State Development announced Wednesday that Perry’s Ice Cream Company Inc. is expanding its production capabilities to meet the growth of the novelty market, adding 20,000-square-feet to its manufacturing facility in Akron, New York.

To better accommodate the growing demand for frozen Greek yogurt novelties, Perry’s will also purchase new machinery and equipment. The company has committed to creating up to 15 new jobs as part of the expansion project; 370 jobs will be retained.

"Generations of Western New Yorkers have had a sweet tooth for Perry’s ice cream and I am very pleased Empire State Development could help ensure this longtime manufacturer continues to grow, compete and create new jobs here," said Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight. "ESD and New York State are committed to investments that give local companies like Perry’s the resources needed to not only survive but to thrive, and we look forward to the Akron facility’s expansion.”

The frozen novelty market is a $5 billion industry globally that is seeing exponential annual growth. To meet this growing demand, Perry’s will establish a new extruded novelty line that will serve its current and future contract manufacturing customers. The new line will have the ability to craft conventional ice cream-based options as well as sorbet, yogurt, non-dairy varieties and more. The $18 million project includes the addition of a 20,000-square-foot building to house the new extruded ice cream novelty machine and conveyor systems, as well as upgrades to an existing building’s engine room and pump room.

 “Western New York is an ideal place for us to operate our growing business, service our customer base, and expand our offerings," said Perry’s President and CEO Robert Denning. "We are grateful to ESD for providing support for our latest business opportunity. We also recognize that our success is the direct result of our team’s dedication and commitment to making the highest quality and most delicious products.”

The company’s successes couldn’t happen without the contributions of local dairy farmers who provide nearly 100% of the milk used at the growing manufacturing facility. Using the same recipe passed down through four generations, Perry’s uses fresh, local, high-quality milk and cream to craft and slow-cook its ice cream for a creamy texture and taste that consumers have enjoyed for over 100 years. Perry’s also funds research and development into new and improving products, production processes, and logistics. This R&D will increase as the company explores new ice cream production capabilities with the expanded technology and different types of products being manufactured.

ESD is assisting Perry’s by providing up to $365,000 in Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits in exchange for job creation commitments. Perry’s expects to be operational in the new space by late summer of 2023.

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