Goya Opens Expanded Illinois Plant

The project will double the company's distribution throughout the Midwest.

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CHICAGO — Goya Foods on Thursday celebrated the expansion of its facility in Illinois where it has been operating for over half a century. 

Goya Chicago has become the company's latest expansion project during a time of high inflation rates where supply chain concerns have impacted the way consumers acquire everyday goods and food. This new project, in addition to Goya's expansion of 26 facilities throughout the U.S., the Caribbean and Europe, directly confronts the current global food crisis and ensures that consumers have access to affordable, nutritious, and plant-based products.

"Through our Goya Gives initiative we have donated millions of pounds of food to pantries and communities throughout the United States and around the world," said Goya President and CEO Bob Unanue. "Now, after a couple years of lockdowns, accelerating costs and inflation creating severe supply chain challenges around the Globe, we are preparing for what is to come by expanding our facilities worldwide and procuring supplies and raw materials needed in order to reinforce our ongoing commitment to keep grocery stores stocked without interruption."

This facility, totaling nearly 300,000 square feet, will double the amount of food distribution throughout the Midwest, including an additional 10 states and emerging markets. The building is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machinery in order to operate more efficiently and to support Goya's growth worldwide. The expansion also ensures the retention of existing local jobs and offers new positions. 

In honor of the opening, Goya will donate 20,000 pounds of food to the Illinois Migrant Council and $20,000 to the Salt and Light Coalition as part of Goya Cares, a global initiative to eliminate child trafficking both domestically and internationally.

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