Hershey Completes $1.2B Buy of Dot's Pretzels

Hershey says Dot's represents 55% of the pretzel category's market growth during the past year.

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HERSHEY, PA β€” On Dec. 14, The Hershey Company announced the completion of its acquisition of Dot's Pretzels, the owner of Dot's Homestyle Pretzels, and Pretzels Inc., a leading manufacturer of pretzels in the United States. The combined purchase price was $1.2 billion, or approximately $1 billion of investment net of expected future tax benefits, as previously announced.

I Stock 1092303344iStockThe addition of Dot's Pretzels accelerates Hershey's snacking powerhouse vision by adding to its portfolio the fastest-growing scale U.S. pretzel brand, representing 55 percent of the pretzel category's growth during the past year. 

Acquiring Pretzels Inc. also brings the pretzel manufacturing capability in-house to ensure the continued growth of Dot's and expertise to drive future snacking innovations.  

As with other recent acquisitions, Hershey will take a phased approach to integrate the businesses in partnership with Dot's and Pretzels Inc.'s leadership teams as we focus on continued growth of both businesses. 

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