American Foods Group Expected to Add 1,300 Jobs With New Beef Plant in Missouri

The potential $450 million project would place a new facility west of St. Louis.

A Google Street view of American Foods Group's Acme Street location in Green Bay, WI
A Google Street view of American Foods Group's Acme Street location in Green Bay, WI
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WARREN COUNTY, MO – The Greater Warren County Economic Development Council (GWCEDC) and the Warren County Commission announced Nov. 16 that Warren County, MO has been selected by American Foods Group (AFG) as the planned location of a new state-of-the-art beef processing facility, pending final approval. The company’s new facility would be on a site in Warren County located near Archer Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway. 

“We have been impressed by Warren County and the potential opportunity to become a part of that community,” said AFG Executive Vice President Jim Rathke. “The process will take some time, but we feel very good about what we have seen in Warren County, Missouri.” 

The GWCEDC and Warren County began working with AFG in spring 2021 as the company evaluated locations in multiple states. The company intends to make a final decision on the project by spring 2022 and be fully operational at a new location by the end of 2024. 

“This is a great, community-focused company that would create more than 1,300 new jobs for our region at a wage above the Warren County average,” said Steve Etcher, Business Development Director for GWCEDC. “The company would potentially invest $450 million in our region, increasing our county’s property tax revenue, which will provide significant funding for our school district and other tax-supported entities. We expect a total positive economic impact of approximately $1 billion for our region, and an annual payroll of more than $80 million to support our local businesses.” 

“The beef industry is a huge part of Missouri’s economy and locating a processing facility in Warren County makes perfect sense,” said Mike Deering, Executive Vice President of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association. “Bringing processing this close to cattle production reduces the costs and energy needed, and it is good for Missouri cattle producers and consumers.” 

Warren County and the state of Missouri will be evaluating potential partnership strategies that would help facilitate the location of the facility. That process is expected to be completed in spring 2022. 

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