Monogram Food Solutions Building New Distribution Center

One-third of the 135,000-square-foot facility will accommodate sandwich assembly for the quick-serve foods manufacturer.

Monogram Food Solutions’ planned 135,000-square-foot facility at Creek Brook Park in Haverhill, MA.
Monogram Food Solutions’ planned 135,000-square-foot facility at Creek Brook Park in Haverhill, MA.
Rendering courtesy of Dacon Corporation

HAVERHILL, MA — After several months of detailed planning, Monogram Food Solutions, LLC is beginning construction on a 135,000-square-foot greenfield facility that will serve as a consolidated local distribution center for Monogram Foods’ multiple production facilities in the Greater Boston area.

In addition to serving as a distribution center, approximately one-third of the facility will serve as sandwich assembly space to support Monogram Foods’ growth strategy. Monogram Foods expects the facility will open mid-April of 2022. Once the facility is operational, Monogram Foods anticipates employing 300+ skilled individuals at its Haverhill, MA location. This project has truly been a collaborative effort with the City of Haverhill’s leadership and the Massachusetts Economic Development Department.

Monogram Foods is a major co-packer and private label provider for strategic partners throughout the United States. Founded in 2004 with the purchase of King Cotton and Circle B brand meats from Sara Lee Corporation, Monogram Foods manufactures and markets top-quality food products. Among these are a full range of meat snacks, hot dogs, corn dogs, pre-cooked bacon, smoked sausage, appetizers, and other value-added meats. Monogram Foods is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. and operates ten facilities in six locations. Its facilities are located in Bristol, IN; Chandler, MN; Harlan, IA; Martinsville, VA; Plover, WI; and Wilmington, MA.

The facility is focused on optimizing production to meet consumer demand. Six areas – freezer, cold storage, cool dock, dry goods storage, production and offices – are configured to accommodate 300 employees. Process engineering, critical for operational efficiency, includes a state-of-the-art ammonia refrigeration system. Loading dock areas and parking have been configured to maximize a restricted site plan. 

Monogram bases its ethos and culture on client success through strategic partnerships, distributing products through grocery, quick serve and retail channels, for private labels and co-packed brands. Their portfolio entails 10 meat snack brands spanning hot dogs, sausages, beef jerky and bacon, along with 3 licensed lines, most notably Butterball and Johnsonville. 

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