Pick Heaters BX Slurry Steam Injection Heater

Looking for a more efficient way to cook your starch or heat other water-miscible slurries? Then consider a Pick "BX Slurry" Steam Injection Heater. The unique design of the Pick BX Heater offers key advantages over other high-velocity, high-pressure drop venturi devices and less efficient indirect heat exchangers.

A Pick BX Heater provides instantaneous and complete cooking of starch slurry and mash. The low velocity design provides a “thorough cook” of starch granules yielding a better final product.  It’s non-shearing action provides uniform product consistency, with negligible pressure drop.

The BX heater is also a great choice for viscous slurries such as grease and oil, fats, biowaste and wastewater treatment. In recovery processes, heating with a Pick BX efficiently reduces liquid viscosity to promote downstream centrifuge separation, a key revenue stream for many customers.

Pick Heaters dependable & precise process heating solutions since 1945.

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