The Pick Constant Flow Steam Injection Heater

Do you need an unlimited and instantaneous supply of hot water?  Then you should consider the Pick Constant Flow Steam Injection Heater. It is used wherever a relatively constant flow of heated liquid at a precisely controlled temperature is required.

The Pick Constant Flow Steam Injection Heater with its internal steam injection tube with precisely machined steam orifices; - the heart of the Pick system, smoothly mixes plant steam with cold water and delivers instant hot water.  It is ideal when the water flow is fixed or varies over a narrow span of 3:1. Because the Pick Heater adapts quickly to load changes, precise temperature control can be maintained to within 1°C. Accurate temperature control throughout the entire operating range conserves energy and assures quality. With its low velocity mixing action, liquid side pressure drop is a negligible 1-2 PSI, a benefit not found with any other steam injection heater.  

The Constant Flow system is ideal for applications such as pasteurization, CIP, simple batch fill processes, jacketed heating, as well wastewater or slurry heating.

With its simple design, minimal moving parts, exceptional temperature control, energy efficiency, low liquid side pressure drop, and compact design - Pick Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Systems regularly outperform heat exchangers and high velocity steam injectors.

Pick Heaters dependable & precise process heating solutions since 1945. 

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