A Redbox for Cheeseburgers

A vending machine that dispenses freshly made burgers.

Is there really anything better than a cheeseburger? Toasted bun, hot burger made of turkey, black beans, veggies, or, in my case, some good ground beef, and then covered in melted cheese. So satisfying, yet so simple.

Newark, New Jersey-based RoboBurger would seem to agree, which is why they recently unveiled what they call the world’s first robot burger in a box. Or, essentially, a Redbox-like vending machine dispensing freshly made cheeseburgers.

The company’s founders say they were driven to provide a hot food source for students, travelers and busy workers at any time of day via their RoboBurger unit. 

The 12-square-foot metal box contains a refrigerator and an automated, self-cleaning griddle to store and prepare the burger, which, as of right now, is locally sourced, grass-fed, 100% Angus beef. The refrigerator also stores the cheese. Ketchup, mustard and artisan buns are also housed within the unit.

After using a touchscreen to start your order, select your condiments and pay for the burger, the machine takes about six minutes to grill the patty, toast the bun, add your choice of ketchup, mustard and cheese, place it in a box, and send out your somewhat customized, pipping hot burger.

The first RoboBurger is currently in place at the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City, New Jersey, with burgers selling for $7 each plus tax.

The machine is also certified by the National Sanitary Foundation in meeting the NSF/ANSI25 food safety regulation.

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