Recall Recap: Rats at Family Dollar, Tons of Beef Sticks and Fish Fillets

Here's the USDA and FDA's food & beverage recalls we covered this past week.

There were several considerable food recall items this past week, and for the second time in five weeks, rats were responsible for the biggest of them.

On February 18, retailer Family Dollar recalled all drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements and human and animal food products from 404 stores supplied by the company’s distribution center in West Memphis, Arkansas since January 1 due to the presence of rodents there.

The rat infestation poses a risk of Salmonella on all products involved, which doesn’t include items shipped directly to the stores by the distributor or manufacturer, such as all frozen and refrigerated food.

The company notified all affected stores by letter, asking them to check their stock immediately and to quarantine or discontinue selling any affected product.

The Family Dollar news follows a January 14th announcement from Saskatchewan-based grocer Bistak, which had to recall its entire range of products due to a rat infestation.

With that, here’s the other recalls we covered this past week on

3 Tons of Beef Sticks

Frickenschmidt Foods (Lockwood, MO) has recalled 5,795 lbs of misbranded ready-to-eat beef stick products. The product contains and declares wheat as an ingredient but incorrectly states “gluten free” on the label. Packed on Nov. 30, Dec. 1 and Jan. 28, the 1.5-oz Wicked Cutz teriyaki beef stick items were shipped to retail locations nationwide and sold online.                      

3 Tons of Fish Fillets

Corfu Foods (Bensenville, IL) has recalled 6,570 lbs of frozen swai fish fillet products imported from Vietnam that were not presented for import reinspection into the U.S. They  were imported on Jan. 15 and were shipped to institutions, restaurants and retail locations in IL, IN, MI and WI. Consumers may have purchased them in bulk or hand-wrapped from retail fish counters.

2 Batches of Custard Apple Pump

Vadilal Industries (Newark, NJ) has recalled two batches of frozen Custard Apple Pulp that could be contaminated with Salmonella. They were distributed nationwide through retail stores and sold in 35.27-oz packets. The recall was initiated after the FDA received a single complaint reporting 5 illnesses.

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