73% of Workers Surveyed Are Considering Quitting

The report’s findings reflect a “deep dissatisfaction” among workers.

Labor shortages in America have given workers the kind of leverage that’s typically only been in the hands of their employers.

Because of this, a worker’s ability to job hop has never been greater, and many are reportedly in search of greener pastures.

In fact, a recent report by job search database Joblist says 73 percent of those surveyed claim to be actively thinking about quitting their jobs.

27 percent of those who may quit say they’d even be comfortable departing without a replacement job lined up.

Joblist says the report’s findings reflect workers’ “deep dissatisfaction” with their employment situation, and that 22 percent of surveyed workers has quit their previous jobs.

Top reasons for quitting include “unhappiness with how their employer treated them during the pandemic (19%), low pay or lack of benefits (17%), and lack of work-life balance (13%).”

The report also points out the 20% who quit to explore new careers, citing the pandemic as a positive opportunity for some to explore a more fulfilling option.

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