Food Manufacturing's Recall Recap: Plastic and Glass Pieces, Mislabeled Pizza and More

Here's the food recall alerts issued from the FDA and USDA over this past week.

Massive Recall for RTE Salad Products

Ready Pac Foods’ locations in Swedesboro, NJ and Jackson, GA have recalled nearly 223,000 lbs. of RTE salad products with meat and poultry because they contain FDA-regulated salad dressing that has been recalled by the producer, Litehouse Inc. because it contains undeclared anchovies.

Nestle Recalls Mislabeled Frozen Pizza

Nestle USA has recalled nearly 28,000 lbs. of frozen DiGiorno Crispy Pan Crust pepperoni pizza that were misbranded, containing undeclared textured soy protein. The pizza products were produced on June 30.

Dumplings Recalled for Plastic Pieces

Ajinomoto Foods of Hayward, CA has recalled over 33,000 lbs.of raw, frozen chicken and vegetable potsticker products that may be contaminated with clear flexible and hard plastic. The dumpling products were produced on July 22 and shipped to distribution centers in California and Washington, and then sent to retailer locations.

Cashew Snack Products Recalled for Glass Pieces

SunTree Snack Foods of Phoenix, AZ, has recalled specific items of Happy Belly, Prince & Spring, Harris Teeter and HEB brand names that contain specific lots of cashews due to the potential presence of glass pieces. They were distributed to retail stores in 11 states and Washington D.C.

Hot Dogs Recalled for Listeria

Seattle, WA-based Espi’s Sausage and Tocino Co. is recalling about 2,000 lbs. of frozen RTE chicken and pork hot dog products that may be adulterated with Listeria. The product was produced on May 19 and shipped to a distributor in California, and further distributed to retail locations.

Cheese Curds, Ice Cream Recalled for Undeclared Wheat

Woodward, IA-based Picket Fence Creamery is recalling its 12 oz. boxes of taco cheese curds and its key lime pie ice cream, as both products may contain undeclared wheat. They were both distributed in Iowa, and reached customers through retail stores.

NJ Supplier Recalls Vegan Crabcakes

Lakewood, NJ-based Cuisine Innovations Unlimited is recalling its 8.5-ounce, 6-piece packages of “Vemondo Vegan Crabless Mini Crabcakes” by Lidl because they contain undeclared egg yolks. They were distributed in retail stores along the East Coast.

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