Pilgrim’s Refreshes Brand Identity and Releases New Nugget Lineup

The new lineup includes "Chicken Pot Pie" and "Cheesy Jalapeño" flavors.

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GREELEY, Colo. -- Pilgrim’s has announced a flavor-forward new line that puts top consumer cravings in a nugget. Following the brand’s launch during the pandemic to fulfill a need amidst supply chain woes, Pilgrim’s is saying "let’s get peckin’" to the world with a new brand identity, flavor-packed product portfolio, and original song and music video to bring excitement, energy, and fun to the freezer aisle.

Chicken nuggets represent over 40% of the frozen cooked chicken market, yet the grocery store aisle is lacking variety with 97% of all new nugget products just being changes in pack sizes. Pilgrim’s mission to liven up mealtime has the brand going all-in on nuggets with exciting flavors and new innovations to satisfy America’s cravings. The crispy, crunchy, juicy, and munchy lineup features unique sizes and flavors including Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets, Pilgrim’s Ultimate Nuggets, and Pilgrim’s Mini Nuggets.

As part of the brand’s pursuit to rule the roost, Pilgrim’s is flying the coop of traditional chicken advertising with bold new packaging designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie and the brand’s first-ever original song, “Put It In A Nugget,” developed in partnership with independent creative agency Terri & Sandy. Centered around the brand’s new platform and creative campaign that knocks the boredom out of chicken, this song is accompanied by a high-octane anthem video spotlighting Pilgrim’s new innovative, taste-forward products.

About the new flavors:

  • Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets: Available in Chicken Pot Pie and Cheesy Jalapeño, Pilgrim's new-to-market innovation puts America’s favorite flavors into a snackable bite.
  • Pilgrim’s Ultimate Nuggets: The name says it all – seriously flavorful, dangerously crispy, and perfectly seasoned, these nuggets are re-imagined to be the best tasting nuggets in the frozen chicken aisle.
  • Pilgrim’s Mini Nuggets: Inspired by the 90% of Americans who consume at least one snack a day, mini nuggets are a fun, poppable treat that can flex between dinner time and snack time and are available in three craveable flavors: Zesty Ranch, Buttery, and Original.

Pilgrim’s new lineup of nuggets will be  on shelves across the country this summer.

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