Lipton Launches New Green Tea Portfolio

The new lineup follows its "2 Cups to Goodness" campaign.

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Lipton is renovating its green tea portfolio range featuring five new varieties of reformulated blends and fruit flavors. The palette of flavors includes Signature Blend, Decaf, Lemon, Peach, and Honey Ginger, which began rolling out at major U.S. retailers and e-commerce in May.

Drinking two cups of Lipton Green Tea every day can help support health and well-being. In fact, two cups of green tea offer the same amount of flavonoids as 20 pounds of cooked broccoli. Flavonoids are naturally occurring bioactives (or plant compounds) found in tea. While flavonoids are found in many plant-based foods, like fruits and dark green veggies, tea is one of the top sources in the diet, making it a convenient way to help support health.

The Lipton Green Teas launch is supported by its "2 Cups to Goodness" campaign, aimed at delivering the good news of supporting everyday healthy living with a new taste to tea drinkers. Lipton is investing in a global and U.S. full-integrated Green Tea campaign, running for 36 weeks. Investment is being made to leverage high-impact awareness media opportunities and cultural, health and wellness leaders and partnerships.

These great-tasting new Lipton Green Teas are available at major U.S. retailers and e-commerce providers now and include:

  • Signature Blend Green Tea: A smooth, refreshing medley of green tea and jasmine, brimming with approximately 100mg of flavonoids per serving. Available in 40-count tea bags.
  • Decaffeinated Green Tea: Delicately crafted with decaf green tea leaves, offering around 50mg of flavonoids per serving for a guilt-free indulgence any time of the day. Available in 40-count tea bags.
  • Peach Green Tea: Infusing the essence of ripe peaches with green tea, this variety promises a juicy burst of flavor and about 75 mg of flavonoids per serving. Available in 20-count tea bags.
  • Lemon Green Tea: The zest of vibrant lemon harmoniously blends with green tea, delivering a citrusy delight alongside about 75 mg of flavonoids per serving. Available in 20 count-tea bags.
  • Honey Ginger Green Tea: Experience the sublime pairing of ginger and honey with green tea, providing a zesty flavor profile with about 75 mg of flavonoids per serving. Available in 20-count tea bags.
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