USDA Recaps Key 2021 Efforts to Promote Food and Nutrition Security

The agency shared the accomplishments it had during 2021 amid numerous challenges.

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WASHINGTON β€” On Jan. 21, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture issued the following statement highlighting key accomplishments to promote food and nutrition security at the Department of Agriculture since the Biden-Harris Administration took office on Jan. 20, 2021.

β€œ2021 again offered unparalleled challenges to Americans and institutions like the USDA dedicated to serving them in whatever circumstances they may face – most especially hunger and nutrition insecurity,” said Vilsack. β€œThe scale of these trials is only rivaled by the magnitude of the efforts that the Biden-Harris Administration and the USDA have undertaken to meet them.”

Over the past year, millions have continued struggling to make ends meet, to feed themselves and their families. USDA has taken steps to not only increase benefits through the host of programs available to assist those in need, but to expand access to those programs and reach out to those that have been historically underserved.

Key USDA accomplishments during 2021 include:

In 2022, USDA will continue to prioritize the following objectives:

  • Increasing participation in WIC by modernizing the program and ensuring parents understand the value of WIC, using $390 million from the American Rescue Plan Act.
  • Supporting schools as they navigate the challenges of the pandemic and related operational issues while also ensuring children continue to enjoy healthy meals at school.
  • Evaluating all USDA nutrition assistance programs to ensure that they serve all Americans equitably, removing systemic barriers that may hinder certain groups from taking part.
  • Continuing USDA’s focus on nutrition security, not just for the duration of the pandemic, but well into the future to make sure the many nutrition programs USDA offers are providing access to nutritious food for all those in need.
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