Neogen Launches Automated Feeder to Improve Food Safety Testing

Reduces hands-on enumeration time from four hours to one minute.

The Petrifilm Automated Feeder.
The Petrifilm Automated Feeder.

Neogen is helping high-volume food safety testing laboratories implement a more efficient way to process quality indicator tests. The launch of Neogen's Petrifilm Automated Feeder will provide industry-leading indicator testing processing capabilities that build on 40 years of innovation across Petrifilm's portfolio.

The Petrifilm Automated Feeder works with existing Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced equipment to help labs efficiently process microbial tests and meet food safety standards. It delivers consistent colony counting and improves lab productivity by automatically feeding and enumerating up to 300 Petrifilm Plates in 33 minutes, while integrating with existing lab workflows and systems.

The system is specifically designed for high-volume food safety testing labs processing more than 100,000 quality indicator tests per year. With Neogen's automated system, technicians no longer need to manually load plates into the reader or count and record initial results. Eliminating these tasks adds capacity for these labs, allowing more time for data analysis.

Neogen combines hardware, software, and trained AI systems to deliver an end-to-end customer testing solution. Combined, the feeder and Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced help labs overcome challenges associated with technician turnover, human error, and time-intensive training for new staff. It allows teams to focus on high-value tasks, automating other processes.

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