Texas Sausage Company Fined for COVID Violations

OSHA levied three separate fines against Dallas-based Quality Sausage Company.

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On Nov. 6, OSHA provided its weekly coronavirus violations report, which included fines stemming from 35 additional inspections that resulted in coronavirus-related citations. Following 144 previously-announced inspection results, the new citations total $471,337 in fines, while the 179 total inspections since the start of the pandemic have resulted in $2,496,768 in fines.

Like in OSHA's previous citation reports, nearly all of the 35 new citations were against health care providers. But three of them were against the same sausage supplier. OSHA levied three separate citations and fines against Dallas, TX-based Quality Sausage Company. Those fines were $11,567, $11,567 and $1,928. The three citations involved OSHA standards 1904.39(a)(1), which covers reporting fatality, injury and illness Information to the government; and 1904.4(a), which covers recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses.

The full list of OSHA's latest inspection and citations report can be found here.

OSHA's two previous coronavirus violations reports — issued Oct. 30 and Oct. 23 — included fines against meat supplier JBS.

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