COMPASS Optical Sorters

Featuring next-generation inspection technology, a new sort engine and an ergonomic user interface.

Key Compass Optical Sorter
Key Technology

Key Technology (Walla Walla, WA), a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, introduces the all-new COMPASS family of food optical sorters.

Powered by next-generation inspection technology as well as a new sort engine and ergonomic user interface, COMPASS is the easiest to use optical sorter on the market, achieving consistently accurate foreign material (FM) and product defect removal and simplifying system operation, sanitation and maintenance.

COMPASS helps processors automate and improve quality management of their food products, while maximizing yield and increasing profitability. COMPASS is ideal for sorting processed, frozen and pre-processed vegetables and fruits, nuts, leafy greens, potato chips, confections and other food products.

Thanks to its advanced sensors and lighting technology, as well as Key’s powerful new NEXT sort engine, COMPASS accurately identifies and separates plastic, glass, paper and other organic and inorganic FM from the line, in addition to sorting the specific product defects each processor wants to manage to deliver its customers the product quality grade they expect.

Key designed COMPASS for extreme ease of use. Its highly-intuitive user interface mimics the navigation of smart device apps and enables an operator without any technical background to quickly become proficient in using the sorter. Operators can quickly create and edit COMPASS sort recipes to ensure consistent performance on every product run.

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