PACK EXPO International 2018 Product Preview: Horizontal Flow Wrapper

At PACK EXPO International 2018, Bosch Packaging Technology will launch the latest edition to the Pack series family of flow wrappers — the Pack 102.

Mnet 196161 Bosch Horizontal Flow Wrapper Listing

At PACK EXPO International 2018, Bosch Packaging Technology will launch the latest edition to the Pack series family of flow wrappers — the Pack 102. Based on the legendary Stratus/Pack 101 flow wrapper, the new version stands out with full stainless-steel design for easier cleaning, increased productivity and the widest product size range available on the market — suitable for nearly any food application.

The Pack 102 is an entry-level horizontal flow wrapper designed to pack up to 150 products per minute. Thanks to its easy-to-use software and simple mechanism, it is an ideal solution for small and mid-sized businesses looking to automate their production, run small batches for seasonal promotions or new market launches. Additionally, the Pack 102 can flexibly wrap products of various sizes, ranging from small and flat to very large and tall products, either individually or grouped on cards or trays.

In terms of industry application, it is suitable for all food products that require horizontal flow wrapping, ranging from baked goods to snack bars and fresh produce. Streamlined and simplified production are not the only benefits of this machine. In fact, what distinguishes the Pack 102 from its predecessor, or alternative entry-level flow wrappers, is its standard stainless steel and corrosion-resistant design. This facilitates easier cleaning with a more aggressive sanitation agents, resulting in an extended machine life while supporting the Food Safety Modernization Act regulations.

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