Wine Club Announces Eco-Friendly Packaging

Firstleaf says lighter glass and packaging materials lowers the weight of its shipments.


NAPA, Calif. — Firstleaf on Tuesday announces a partnership with Saxco, the premier provider of packaging solutions to the wine, beer, liquor and food industries.

Through supply chain partners like Saxco, Firstleaf is able to reduce its environmental impact by using lighter glass and packaging materials, ultimately lowering the weight of each shipment and marking a significant step forward in the brand's sustainability efforts.

Firstleaf has already surpassed Sustainable Winegrowing Program's directive to decrease glass bottle weights from 550 grams and heavier to 420 grams by the end of 2025. Through an internal study aimed at optimizing the company's packaging efficiency, Firstleaf has consistently exceeded industry standards, with nearly 100% of its glass weight now lighter than the suggested 420-gram benchmark, with some molds even reaching as low as 395 grams.

"Firstleaf is deeply committed to integrating sustainable practices into our operations," said Philip James, founder and CEO at Firstleaf. "By establishing new benchmarks for packaging efficiency and environmental stewardship, we continue to be dedicated to delivering exceptional wines while preserving the planet for future generations."

Firstleaf's dedication to sustainability extends beyond packaging, encompassing all aspects of its operations. By prioritizing efficiency in raw materials and manufacturing, rigorous crush testing, optimized shipping and handling practices, and easy recyclability, Firstleaf aims to minimize its environmental footprint while delivering exceptional wines to its members.

Moreover, Firstleaf has proudly supported Wine To Water (WTW) as its official charity partner since 2019. Through half a million dollars in donations, Firstleaf has enabled WTW to deploy 61,300 membrane filters worldwide, reducing the need for 66 million plastic bottles which is equivalent to more than 2 million pounds of plastic. Additionally, Firstleaf donations support WTW's community water programs in regions like the Dominican Republic and the Amazon, where bottled water is often used to circumvent local contaminated water sources.

"As we commemorate Earth Month, Firstleaf remains steadfast in our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility," said Carolin Meier, chief wine officer at Firstleaf. "Through our partnership with Saxco and our continued support of Wine To Water, we aim to lead by example, driving positive change in the wine industry and beyond."

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