Packaging Co. Unveils New 'Tamper-Evident' Sandwich Containers

Designer Lacerta Group says the packaging can be made with up to 100 percent post-consumer recycled content.

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MANSFIELD, Mass. -- Lacerta Group, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of specialty thermoformed packaging solutions, has announced the launch of five new sandwich containers within their Fresh N’ Sealed line. Available for order today, the containers are designed to meet increased demands for safety, convenience, and quality ingredients.

Created to showcase the shape and contents of the sandwich, the packaging can be made with up to 100 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

The new sandwich containers include:

  • Single Wrap Container Tamper Evident - T22122
  • Standing Cut Sandwich - T23960
  • Square 5 x 5 Deli - T24378
  • Six Count Pinwheel Container - T26789
  • Pinwheel Container - T26788
  • Small Showcase Sandwich Square - T23958
  • Wrap Container - T20212
  • Sandwich Container 2-Wedge - T21306
  • Large 6" Showcase Square - T24359
  • Sandwich Container 3-Wedge - T23387
  • 6" Hoagie Container - T21373
  • 8" Hoagie Container - T23009
  • 10" Hoagie Container - T23016
  • 12" Hoagie Container - T20326

“Among consumers who are spending more on convenience store prepared foods, 35 percent attributed their spending to the food looking or tasting fresh, and 34 percent cited high quality,” said Ali Lotfi, President at Lacerta Group. “Aside from the need to present food with quality, freshness, and overall shelf appeal in mind, we also know the consumer of today values health and convenience. In keeping with our mission of providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers, our new line of sandwich containers aims to help them find more ways to meet increasing demands and scale their operations.”

To learn more about Lacerta Group’s Fresh N’ Sealed sandwich containers and request a free sample kit, visit Lacerta.

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