Labor Dept. Allocates $4M to Tackle Child Labor in West African Agriculture

The funding will bolster efforts by local governments to eliminate child labor.

Cassava processing at the Ajara farm settlement, Badagry, Nigeria.
Cassava processing at the Ajara farm settlement, Badagry, Nigeria.

WASHINGTON โ€“ The U.S. Department of Labor announced the availability of up to $4 million in funding to support the Economic Community of West African States and the Government of Nigeria in their efforts to address child labor in agricultural communities. 

Administered by the Bureau of International Labor Affairs, this funding opportunity will finance a project to increase the capacity of ECOWAS to implement its regional action plan and mobilize ECOWAS member states to implement national action plans to eliminate child labor.

The project will support efforts to reduce child labor at the regional level in West Africa and at the country level within Nigeria. The project will also support community-level activities in Nigeriaโ€™s Ondo State through implementation of community action plans to reduce child labor.

The department intends to scale up and replicate effective interventions from this project to additional ECOWAS Member States in a subsequent funding cycle.

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