Coke Offering $2,000 Vaccine Incentive for Workers Alongside Mandate

It isn't clear what would happen to employees who refuse to comply by the government's Dec. 8 deadline.

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The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported Oct. 25 that beverage giant Coca-Cola has joined a growing list of major companies that have either offered considerable cash incentives for their workforce to become vaccinated against COVID-19 by the federal government's Dec. 8 deadline for large businesses with more than 100 employees, announced in September.

The news outlet said Coca-Cola informed employees earlier Oct. 22 that the company is offering a one-time $2,000 bonus to each employee who becomes fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, as well as to those who are granted medical or religious exemptions.

The AJC said Coke didn't comment on what would happen to employees who don't comply by the deadline, with a spokesperson saying only, "If for any unforeseen reasons, employees are unable to meet the December 8 timeframe, they have the ability to contact their HR partners.”

The report added that it isn't known what percentage of Atlanta-based Coca-Cola's 8,500 U.S. employees are currently vaccinated.

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