Kellogg Says Union Talks Are at Stalemate

In an update posted Oct. 15, the cereal maker said it's using salaried employees and third-party resources to operate its plants.

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Negotiations Update

October 15

One question we continue to receive is β€œwhat is the current state of negotiations?” Our number one priority is to get back to the negotiations table and reach a contract, so our employees can get back to their jobs and their lives.

In a communication to the union on October 4, we asked the union for dates they would like to return to the table and no dates have been provided in response.

The union appears unwilling to resume negotiations unless Kellogg first agrees to provide 100% free healthcare and pension benefits to employees who do not currently receive those benefits. The union agreed in 2015 to a more current, market-based health and retirement plan. Now they want to go back on that deal.

We have no such pre-conditions to returning to the negotiations table and remain ready, willing and able to meet.

We have contacted a federal mediator to seek assistance in getting the union back to the table to engage in good faith negotiations.

In the meantime, we continue to implement contingency plans at our four cereal plants, including using salaried employees and third-party resources to produce food. We are proud of those teams and their commitment to producing great food for our customers.

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