PB2 Foods Creates Jobs Following Vertical Integration Investment

The move enables PB2 Foods to take direct ownership of its production and manufacturing.

PB2 Foods
Peanuts to Powder
Peanuts to Powder

Peanut butter producer PB2 Foods has announced the completion of its vertical integration project.

To vertically integrate its operations, PB2 Foods is repurposing a 110,000-square-foot facility in Tifton, Georgia. The company is installing new equipment that can roast, grind and press peanuts to make peanut paste, unrefined roasted peanut oil and defatted peanut flour.

Peanut paste, unrefined roasted peanut oil and defatted peanut flour are common ingredients found in everything from ice cream and baked goods to protein powders and pet foods. With its new capabilities, PB2 Foods will supply other companies and industries with these ingredients, in addition to using them for its own products.

By bringing the company’s entire manufacturing process in-house, PB2 Foods will create nearly 30 new jobs local to Tifton, GA.

With the completion of the vertical integration, PB2 Foods will move to the next phase in its long-term business planning, which includes a greater focus on R&D and marketing.

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