Security Breach: Knowing How to Arm Yourself for Battle

It starts with a dedication to enhanced visibility.

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One of the big conversations regarding OT security revolves around the use of tools. Some have too many, others not enough and everyone is searching for the funds to mange and obtain the right ones for a constantly evolving threat landscape.

The key to understanding which tools are right for you and your organization not only demands a comprehensive understanding of your OT environment’s assets, APIs and connections, but a working situational awareness. Here to discuss some of these topics, and more, is Sharon Brizinov, Director of Research at Claroty’s research arm, Team82.

Claroty is a leading provider of ICS and OT security, with partners that include Rockwell, Schneider Electric and Siemens. Watch/listen as we discuss:

  • How creating patching windows can help address vulnerabilities more quickly.
  • How tools can help manage the proliferation of connected devices.
  • Why OT will benefit from IT's lessons-learned.
  • Creating a defense against your daughter's iPad.
  • Why manufacturers have to do a better job of knowing what they're defending against.
  • The non-complicated, but terrifying strategies of hacktivists and state-sponsored attack groups. (Click here to view the report discussed in this episode breaking down a recent hack on Russian manufacturing.)
  • The evolution of component-level connectivity, and what that will mean for industrial cybersecurity.

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To download our latest report on industrial cybersecurity,  The Industrial Sector’s New Battlefield, click here.

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