Security Breach: Vulnerability Data from 'The Wild'

MITRE’s ATT&CK knowledgebase, and the intrusion patterns, hacker tactics and response data it provides.

While there are a number of indicators showing the positive direction in which industrial cybersecurity is heading, it's still worth taking a look at some of the more alarming facts impacting our current situation. For example, Fortinet is reporting that:

  • Three-fourths of industrial enterprises reported at least one OT intrusion in the last year.
  • Nearly one-third of all ransomware attacks continue to target the industrial sector, with a nearly 10 percent uptick in attacks going undetected until the extortion or blackmail note arrives.
  • Intrusions from malware and phishing attacks have increased by one-third.

But there is good news. Fortinet reports that 98 percent of organizations now include its OT cybersecurity posture in briefings with executive leadership. We also know more about the bad guys today, then we ever have before, with some of this progress attributed to the work being done by today’s guests - Adam Pennington and Jake Steele from MITRE’s ATT&CK knowledge database.

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