Americans May Be Less Buzzed This Holiday Season, Snack More

A new survey indicates one-third of Americans plan to go dry through New Year’s Day.

As holiday parties abound both at home and with co-workers, the final weeks of the year for Americans tend to include a high intake of calories — with a good chunk of that in various forms of alcohol.

However, a recent consumer survey found that the U.S. might be a little less buzzed over Christmas and New Year’s than in years past.

Shopper intelligence data provider Catalina on Dec. 10 released the results of a survey of about 1,100 Americans on a variety of consumer trends in the holiday season, ranging from if and how they expect the COVID-19 pandemic to affect their plans, to what and how much they intend to eat and drink.

The results show that a solid one-third of respondents — 33% — plan to consume no alcohol at all over the holidays. 37% plan to consume about the same as last year, while 15% say they will consume less and 15% plan to consume more.

It’s not entirely surprising, given the rise of non-alcoholic beers and mocktails over the past couple years.

Meanwhile, the survey indicated a decent increase in expected snacking consumption this holiday season, as 26% of respondents said they plan to eat more of the chips, candy and sweets compared to last year, while 49% said they’ll have about the same. 19% said they’ll consume less, while only 6% said they’ll avoid snack foods altogether.

As for the top foods & beverages respondents said they’ll buy more of this holiday season than last year, cookies and cheese led the way, each chosen by 57% survey takers, followed by meat and fruits both at 53%, and Chips at 52%. No other food or beverage options were selected by more than 47% of respondents.

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