Hershey to Retire its 'Kissmobile'

In 1997, Hershey began sending custom vehicles on country-wide tours.

The “Kissmobiles” are made up of three giant Hershey Kiss candies anchored to a 26-foot chassis.

They’ve logged 250,000 miles over the years and provided over 2 million Kiss samples, in part, to raise donations for the Children’s Miracle Network.

Hershey Co. has confirmed that it has retired the remaining Kissmobiles, and they won’t return in 2020.

The company says the safety of its employees, and the public, is a factor in the demise of the 12-foot vehicle.

Additionally, Hershey reportedly has struggled to find replacement parts for the aging candy cars.

The Antique Automobile Club of America’s museum in Hershey has a Kissmobile on long-term loan, for those interested in taking a peek before these disappear.

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